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Colorful Home and Work Studio-amazing idea for net bed over 1-st floor…

source – author: Lavinia

More and more homes these days have a color theme. We would like to show you Maison NW, a work studio located in Saint-Ouen, near Paris, but also a private colorful home. The huge workshop spreads over an area of 1,937 square feet and has three levels. Architect Nathalie Wolberg is the owner of this place which is said to carry “her own personality, own desires, passions, even pathological deficiencies”. We think the living space looks really cool and unusual. The approach is a modern one, and the lighting effects are quite spectacular. The stairs connecting the three floors are also unusual, some might say a bit dangerous, due to the fact that there is no hand-grab available. We absolutely love the net in the forth picture and we think it is an idea that could be applied at a large scale.-via Archinect

Nathalie Wolberg

showcase house nw 07 Colorful Home and Work Studio : Maison NW

showcase house nw cover Colorful Home and Work Studio : Maison NW

showcase house nw 18 Colorful Home and Work Studio : Maison NW

showcase house nw 16 Colorful Home and Work Studio : Maison NW

showcase house nw 09 Colorful Home and Work Studio : Maison NW
showcase house nw 04 Colorful Home and Work Studio : Maison NW

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Astri MyID dual screen tablet will cost 150$ maximum (VIDEO)

source – Author: John Pope

Dual screen tablet prototypes have been shown during CES 2010 by a lot of small manufacturers eager to differentiate themselves from big names by doing something utterly different. Astri was one of them with their MyID eInk + touchscreen combo. I’m glad they managed to catch attention of investors as they’ve just announced the MyID will soon hit production. What’s so important is the price: 65 $ for materials and manufacturing, which translates in 150$ max as retail price, a bargain considering you get a device which can open up to 6 eBooks at the same time and navigate the web on the other screen (powered by Android).

Astri MyID: the innovatorAstri MyID: the innovator

The only downside I see is the diagonal of both screen, which at 4.8 inches isnt’ that much bigger than a HTC HD2 for example (which is much more expensive, I have to say), but resolution is OK at 800 x 480 pixels. Below there’s a short video with Astri MyID showing how it works in real life:

Pixel Qi gained popularity amongst sponsors since CES

surce – By Vladislav Savov

There’s nothing, nothing, we love more than talkative CEOs. And though this may not be a case of somebrash smack-talking, we still appreciate Mary Lou Jepsen giving us a fresh update on the development of those delectable Pixel Qi displays. As you already know, CES provided us with our first opportunity to see one in person (in the shape of the Notion Ink Adam) and we were left highly impressed with the versatility and responsiveness of the hybrid display. Since then, Mary Lou and company have recruited a few more partners and, while production of the 10-inch units is ramping up as expected, new form factors are also being contemplated. She still won’t tell us any names, but we’re excited by the possibility of (relatively) pocketable Pixel Qi devices — how does a Dell Mini 5 with a 40-hour battery life sound?

ASUS Eee PC T101MT Gets Unboxed and Hands On Time

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Mike from Netbook Live let me know he just got his hands on the upcoming ASUS Eee PC T101MT tablet netbook.

The Eee PC T101MT carries on from the T91MT but has a larger 10.1” 1024 x 600 display with a multi touch resistive surface, Atom N450 processor, 2GB RAM, 320GB HDD, 802.11n Wi-Fi, 0.3MP Webcam and Windows 7 Home Premium / Starter. The li-poly battery is 4-cell, 4900mAh and 35Whr. You’ve got the same trackpad from the T91MT with a chiclet keyboard.

Mike wasn’t too impressed with the responsiveness of the resistive display though it’s still early days yet for him. For now just unboxing pictures of which you can find in the link below. He’s also linked to a colleague at All Touch Tablet who has the T101MT as well but with some hands on videos. Responsiveness / precision seems to be pretty bad around the edges as reported and as seen in the videos.

original-Source: Netbook Live and All Touch Tablet

Windows 7 Activation Technologies Update now live, ready to be dodged

source – by Darren Murph

Remember that polarizing Windows 7 Activation Technologies Update we told you about? You know, the one that helps you to “verify that the copy of Windows 7 that is running on your computer is activated correctly and is genuine?” It’s available for download now through Windows Update, and it’s not particularly easy to spot. The main label simply says “Update for Windows 7,” though we’d be sure to avoid KB971033 if you weren’t up for having this thing looking into your business. Your call, though.

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Lenovo S10-3t 8-Cell Battery Model Now Shipping $499

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If you check out the Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t tablet netbook over at, you’ll notice there’s still no 8-cell battery version. has had the 8-cell battery model up for a while though it’s still in pre-order mode. I’ve noticed recently that some other stores now have it in stock like Newegg and J&, for $499 – $50 cheaper than the 4-cell model shipping direct from

I’m sure you’ve seen how huge this 8-cell battery is! (see Newegg’s pics) I’ll be reviewing the 4-cell battery model unless you really want me reviewing the 8-cell one…

Android Tablet(Notion Ink Adam) vs iPad

source – by Antonio Wells

Notion Ink demoed its final version of the Android tablet called Adam prior to Mobile World Congress 2010. In the video cofounder Rohan Shravan shows off some awesome hardware innovation.

It was demonstrated in an area outdoors which was partially shaded and fully exposed to bright sunlight. This was done to show how wonderfully the tablet adapts in either condition; beautiful LCD display in normal lighting and crisp monochrome display in direct sunlight.

Unlike the Apple iPad, Adam has a camera that conveniently swivels 180 degrees. Imagine the use cases: turn towards yourself to have video chats, turn away 90 degrees to record a lecture or seminar while working simultaneously, turn another 90 degrees to take a picture of someone in front of you. Let’s not forget to throw in multi-tasking capabilities.

Another interesting feature places the touch pad on the back, very interesting to control touch screen operations without looking. The Adam tablet also features 3 USB ports, one HDMI out port for full HD in 1080p, eco-friendly using a tenth of the power, and boasting 24 hours of battery life (more than 10 hours viewing full high definition video).

Notion Ink plans to customize the Android operating system it will ship with, plus open up the API for developers to write apps for the larger screen. Although the final software was not ready for the demo, they noted they will have split screen virtual keyboards to allow typing with thumbs on the tablet. Look for it in June 2010 with a price point of $327-$800.

Below are side by side specs compared with the Apple iPad courtesy of Technoholik. See more exclusive photos at Technoholik’s Flickr stream.

Apple iPad Notion Ink Adam
Screen 9.7 inch 4:3 IPS LCD (1024×768) 10 inch Transflective LCD Pixel Qi screen (1024×600)
1024×768 pixel resolution at 132 pixels per inch (ppi) Low power full color black & white mode
OS iPhone OS 3.2 Android, Unbuntu, Chromium
CPU Apple A4 processor nVidia Tegra 2
Dual Core 1GHz + Graphic
Internet Browser Safari Firefox, Chrome
Outputs: VGA, Dock connectors (extra) HDMI, 3x USB
Video Out 720p 1080p
Camera No Yes, 3 Megapixel with Autofocus
Battery Up to 10 hours of surfing the web on Wi-Fi, watching video, or listening to music 16 hours, 160 hours on backlight off mode
Wireless Wi-Fi, 3G (HSPA/GSM), Bluetooth Wi-Fi, 3G (HSPA/GSM), Bluetooth (US Edition)
Weight 1.5 pounds 1.7 pounds
Other: RF, ambient light sensor. AGPS, Proximity sensor, accelerometer, Touchpad
Multitasking No Yes
Adobe Flash 10.0 support No Yes
Storage No Yes, (SD Card slot)
Price $499-$829 $327-$800
Availability April/May June/July

Airplane Art

source –

Japan Airlines – JAL – Boeing 747-446D.

Southwest Airlines – Boeing 737-3H4

Continental Airlines
Continental Airlines – Boeing 777-224/ER.

Alitalia – Boeing 747-243B – Advertising for Bulgari Designer Watches.

Japan Airlines – JAL – Boeing 747-446D.

19-Wild-and-Outrageous-Aircraft-Graffiti-005 2
Qantas – Boeing 747-438/ER

Flying dragon. This acrobatic airplane model has a very attractive ornamental painting.

All Nippon Airways – ANA – Boeing 747-481D.

Western Pacific – Boeing 737-301.

Etihad Airways – Airbus A340-642 .

Austrian Airlines – Airbus A321-111

German Tornado Formation Flight 2003 – st. Tornado (white with yellow/red flames) German Naval Airwing 2 Eggebek – now in a Museum
2nd Tornado (blue airbrush design) German Airforce – 31th Fighter Squadron Boelcke – now a Gate Guard
3rd Tornado (green coloured) – 38th Fightersquadron Jever – now scrapped
4th Tornado (in front with tiger colours) – 51th reconnaissance squadron Jagel – now scrapped
5th Tornado – 32th fighter squadron Lechfeld
The MiG 29 was the last MiG29 in the German Airforce

Slovakia – Air Force – Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-29A (9-12A)

Astraeus – Boeing 757-23A.

Netherlands – Air Force – Fokker F-16AM Fighting Falcon.

Belgium – Air Force – SABCA F-16AM Fighting Falcon.

Air New Zealand – Boeing 747-4F6.

Viliv S10 Blade at $699

source – by Chippy(big thanks to Chippy his reviews helped me a lot to choose my tablet)

Full model details and pricing range is unknown at the moment but we’re now one step closer to launch of the Viliv S10 multitouch convertible. Dynamism have put up their pre order page.


Pricing starts with a 60GB HDD and XP at $699 which appears high for a device that isn’t much more than a 10hour version of the Gigabyte Touchnote that I’m using to write this. SSD versions start with a 32GB Windows 7 version and go right up to the 64GB version with the 2.0Ghz CPU and built-in HSDPA. Clearly pricing is going to be much much higher for that version so we’re probably looking at the $700 – $1200 range here folks. Lets hope it’s a little less at the high end!

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20 Awesome Door Stickers For a Garage Makeover

source – author: Lavinia

Garage door stickers – what a cool and crazy idea when compared to the boring and inevitably dirty common garage doors. Below you have 12 amazing ideas which will leave your neighbors stunned next time they pass the alley in the vicinity of your house.  The stickers are a design idea which comes from German companyStyleYourGarage. They are all very cool and have creativity in common. Yep, you may never know what really lies in a garage. The designers added some elephants and alligators in there just for fun, this leaving aside the stickers that actually feature cars. There is also a tank in there, a bunch of gold, a horse and a wine deposit. We feasted our eyes on each and everyone of them and we appreciate their subtle humor. Which do you like best?

awesomeDoorGaragegaragedoor12 20 Awesome Door Stickers For a Garage Makeovergaragedoor11 20 Awesome Door Stickers For a Garage Makeovergaragedoor09 20 Awesome Door Stickers For a Garage Makeovergaragedoor08 20 Awesome Door Stickers For a Garage Makeovergaragedoor07 20 Awesome Door Stickers For a Garage Makeovergaragedoor06 20 Awesome Door Stickers For a Garage Makeovergaragedoor05 20 Awesome Door Stickers For a Garage Makeovergaragedoor04 20 Awesome Door Stickers For a Garage Makeover132 20 Awesome Door Stickers For a Garage Makeover117 20 Awesome Door Stickers For a Garage Makeover86 20 Awesome Door Stickers For a Garage Makeover79 20 Awesome Door Stickers For a Garage Makeover53 20 Awesome Door Stickers For a Garage Makeover51 20 Awesome Door Stickers For a Garage Makeover50 20 Awesome Door Stickers For a Garage Makeover19 20 Awesome Door Stickers For a Garage Makeovergaragedoor03 20 Awesome Door Stickers For a Garage Makeover