Day: May 10, 2010

Kobo eReader available for 149$

source – by Sean Hollister

Looking for a no-frills alternative to the Kindle or Nook? For $150, you’ll probably find it in the Kobo eReader — now available for purchase at Borders, and shipping June 17th. Engadget went hands-on with Kobo in March and rather enjoyed the barebones aesthetic; though an early review cited long load times, we thought the 6-inch E Ink slate got the basics just about right. That’s just us, though — if you get it for Father’s Day as Borders clearly suggests, we’re not sure your picky old man will agree.

HP TouchSmart tm2 with Core i3 and i5

source – by Joanna Stern

This is just a rumor at this point, but it’s definitely one we’d file in the believable column. According to, HP’s planning to update its 12.1-inch tm2 convertible tablet with Core i3 and i5 processors in June. Considering we’ve heard that Intel will be releasing its Core i5 ULV processors around then, this certainly makes sense — after all, we’d expect HP to swap out the current Core 2 Duo ULV processors for something more powerful, yet power efficient. Time will tell if the new chips make it into the multitouch laptop, but it’s good to know that HP’s still working on at least some sort of Windows 7 tablet.

Fujitsu color e-paper, might be the next revolution in the ereader world

source – By Darren Murph

Fujitsu’s been dabbling in the color e-paper market for years, showing off prototype readers during a time when the iPad was simply a twinkle in the eye of Steve-o. Now, the e-reader realm as a whole is having to reevaluate itself with the explosion of multifaceted tablets, but we’re not giving up hope just yet — Qualcomm’s downright stunning color Mirasol display could turn the tables once more later this year, and Fujitsu’s new and improved color e-paper might do the same later this month. Scheduled to debut at the Fujitsu Forum in Japan, this newly developed color electronic paper utilizes a redesigned panel structure and image re-write methods, and there’s also an improved contrast ratio to boot. Unfortunately, there’s no public commercialization plans just yet, but we’re hoping it’ll hit a few products sooner rather than later — time’s a wastin’, Fujitsu!