ASUS Eee Top ET2010 all-in-one

source – engadget.com / ASUS [PDF]

ASUS Launch Next Generation Eee Top PC ET2010

ASUS have announced the UK launch of the Eee Top PC ET2010
series – a superior all-in-one PC which brings everyday computing and
outstanding multimedia performance together inside a minimalist and
stylish package.
With a super-slim 1” profile, multi-touch 20” screen and impressive
multimedia capabilities thanks to the latest processor and graphics
technology, the ET2010 is the ideal solution for home users seeking the
best of the computer and home entertainment worlds.
The ET2010 is available now from a range of retailers and e-tailers at a
price of £619.99 SRP (inc VAT).

Specifications – ET2010PNT

Specifications – ET2010AGT

ASUS Eee Top ET2010

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