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So you got an iPad. Big deal, other one million of so people have one, nothing different about yours. That’s why it might be a good idea to make it stand out from others. One way is to get it laser etched, but this is like putting a signature on a book, not outstanding, plus if the message is stupid you won’t get to sell it later when you want to upgrade. So the best way to make your iPad look better is to get a cool iPad case, one that says something about you, not about Steve Jobs, if you catch my point.

This post will try and show you some of the interesting mass produced iPad cases that are cool, so don’t jump on me if you saw some home made or very limited edition case that didn’t make it in this top. Of course I’m open to suggestions so if you know of a nice out of ordinary iPad case let me know in the comments form below so I can check it out and put it here, where it belongs. Read on to see what Cool iPad cases I’ve found for you:

Marware Eco-Envy – 69.99$

This is one case that shocks when you get your iPad out of it. It’s not a Manila envelope but a stylish case in form of a letter. Now, don’t think that if the case is odd looking is not that good. Contrary, the Marware Eco-Envi is really a premium case made from eco-leather that’s friendly to the environment, with fleece interior and features also a clear screen protector. It’s the cool iPad case to buy, if you ask me.

Marware Eco-Envi

E-volve reversible neoprene sleeve case cover – 17.99$

This is more like socks for your iPad. This is what makes is even better, plus the custom design that makes it really stand out. Besides looks, it is suitable to absorb day to day wear and tear whilst in transit and is suitable also for up to 8.9 inch netbooks, so you get some flexibility. The E-volve reversible neoprene sleeve comes in five main colors: orangeredbluegray and pink, so you can get the one that appeals to you most. Price is really low, so what more can you ask for?

E-volve reversible neoprene sleeve case cover

KingCase iPad Hard Case – 24.99$

KingCase is not actually a case, but a series (that’s nice) so there are plenty of models to choose from:Zebra SkinPlaid Pattern PinkPlaid Patter Beige,  Plaid Pattern BlueSequin Sparkle and Alligator Skin. Design is not all about the KingCase iPad specially made Hard case, but also it does not interfere with any controls or functions, plus protects from scratches. Lifetime replacement guarantee is also something you might want to look into.

KingCase iPad Hard Case

Maple Wood Grain Pattern Skin – 33$

This is one hell of an iPad protective carrying skin: it emulates a wooden surface for your iPad, making it the exact opposite of its normal modern design. It might not be on everyone’s taste but the Maple Wood Grain Pattern skin is sure different. Don’t be fooled by the name, it’s not made from wodd, but fromhigh quality vinyl that also protects from scratches. The skin is made from two parts that are glued with not permanent adhesive and doesn’t cover the screen or ports, so you can rest assured your iPad will ’suffer’ only a makeover.

Maple Wood Grain Pattern Skin

Hard Candy Cases Bubble Sleeve – 49.95$

This is one odd looking carrying case/sleeve, as it feature a bubble design of the other shell that has an aesthetic role and also protective one, because the semi spheres are filled with gel and can absorb impacts with the floor pretty well. As with many cool iPad cases, this one can be bought in a few color variants: GreenPink and Black. Due to the complex protective casing, the Hard Candy is pretty expensive, but is worth every penny.

Hard Candy Cases Bubble Sleeve

Those are some of the best cool iPad cases I could find, but I’m searching on, so expect this article to be updated more often. Below there’s a list with other recommended articles.

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