Day: March 5, 2010

Entourage eDGe review – 9.7 inch eInk screen and 10.1 color LCD, powered by Android OS

source – author – John Pope

Entourage eDGe: nice to get as a gift

Covering CES 2010 early this year I was surprised by the amount of dual screen netbooks and hybrid devices small producers tried to push into market to see customer’s reaction. Entrourage eDGe is one such product featuring a dual screen design, one 9.7 inch eInk screen and 10.1 color LCD, both powered by Android OS and an 1.2 GHz CPU.
Laptopmag is the first to post an early review of the Entourage eDGe and shared their opinions with all of us, so here’s what you can expect from this nice concept. Even if 1.2 GHz seems a lot for a mobile CPU, in practice the device is overall slower than the Motorola Droid, which has a 550 MHz CPU. Also things are not getting too far with the battery life, which is not helped by the Power Management software that seems not to be able to close the screen once you fold the device.

The nice part is the ability to focus attention on just one screen by folding the Entourage eDGe back on back and flip the device to face the screen you want. Unfortunately the resistive touchscreen layer on the LCD screen is hard to press some times and has shallow viewing angles, while the eInk screen can be used with a special stylus made for the digitized screen that allows the user to take notes on the eBooks he reads. The only problem is that a page with annotations takes 4 seconds to turn.

The virtual keyboard is not that responsive but gets the job done

Even if it uses Android, Entourage eDGe doesn’t have access to Android Market so there aren’t many apps you can install and the book library only has 250.000 books and I’m not talking about bestsellers here. Add to that over one million of Google Books and I guess you can be satisfied, but no newspapers and magazines are available.
For now the 499 $ dual screen tablet is a nice concept but there’s much to be improved and hopefully there will be a second generation of Entourage eDGe.

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Keep Car Windows From Fogging with a Potato

source – by – Jason Fitzpatrick

If you’d like a clever and cheap way to keep windows, goggles, and other glass and plastic surfaces from fogging up, you can use a potato to keep the vision-blocking condensation at bay.

Photo by jimmihomeschoolmom.

We’re almost out of the so-cold-your-breath-fogs-the-windshield weather in most of the US but this trick works for everything from windshields to swim goggles. Over at the how-to site wikiHow they’ve shared a guide to using a cut potato to keep your windows fog-free.

1. Cut a raw potato in half. Be sure to use a clean potato, so wash it first if it is coated in soil. This is a good opportunity to use up an old potato that has started to sprout and is past its best.
2. Rub the cut part of one half potato on the window. This will clean it and leave a layer that will prevent fog from forming on the window.
3. Use the other half if needed. You can also cut off dirtied slices and keep using the existing half if wished.
4. Leave to dry without touching.

We thought it sounded too cheap and easy to actually work so we grabbed a potato and went and rubbed a raw slice on the shower door, window, and mirror in the bathroom. After a few minutes of steamy hot water the surfaces did in fact remain fog free. How well it lasts over time and how it compares to a $7 bottle of anti-fog spray from your local sporting goods store is open for debate.