Day: March 15, 2010

Ipad vs HP TC1100

Model Apple iPad HP TC 1100
Year 2010 2003
CPU 1Ghz 1Ghz to 1.2Ghz
HDD 16GB to 64GB 40GB to 80GB
Screen 9,7-inch XGA 10,4-inch XGA
Size 9,6 x 7,5 in(24 x 19 cm) 10,8 x 9,5 in (27 x 21 cm)
Sound Mono Stereo
USB None 2USB x 2.0
Camera None None
SD Card Slot None Yes
PC Card None Yes
RJ45,RJ11 None Yes
Video Output None VGA
Made by people who know
that lists like this dont
make for a good product

10 Most Alien and Weird Places on Earth

source –

1. Aurora Borealis (North Pole)

Aurora Borealis

Image Source

Auroras sometimes called the northern and southern (polar) lights or aurorae are natural beautiful light displays in the sky, usually observed at night, particularly in the polar regions. They typically occur in the ionosphere. The Cree people call this phenomenon the “Dance of the Spirits. Its southern counterpart, the aurora australis or the southern polar lights, has similar properties, but is only visible from high southern latitudes in Antarctica, South America, or Australasia.

2. Spain Rio Tinto

Spain Rio Tinto

Image Source: Unknown

The vast mines of Rio Tinto give a hypnagogic, almost martian landscape. Its growth has consumed not only mountains and valleys but even entire villages. This river has gained recent scientific interest due to the presence of extremophile aerobic bacteria that dwell in the water.The extreme conditions in the river are analogous to other locations in the solar system thought to contain liquid water, such as subterranean Mars. Río Tinto is notable for being very acidic (pH 2) and its deep reddish hue. It is metal soluble and surely not human-friendly!

3. McMurdo Dry Valleys (Antarctica)

McMurdo Dry Valleys

Image Source: Unknown

The McMurdo Dry Valleys are a row of valleys in Antarctica located within Victoria Land west of McMurdo Sound. The terrain looks like something not of this Earth; The region includes many interesting geological features including Lake Vida and the Onyx River, Antarctica’s longest river. The valley’s floor occasionally contains a perennially frozen lake with ice several meters thick. It is also one of the world’s most extreme deserts Under the ice, in the extremely salty water, live mysterious simple organisms, a subject of on-going research. Scientists consider the Dry Valleys perhaps an important source of insights into possible extraterrestrial life.

4. The Richat Structure, near Ouadane, Mauritania

Richat Structure

Image Source

The Richat Structure is a prominent circular feature in the Sahara desert of Mauritania near Ouadane. It has attracted attention since the earliest space missions because it forms a conspicuous bull’s-eye in the otherwise rather featureless expanse of the desert. The structure, which has a diameter of almost 50 kilometres (30 miles), has become a landmark for space shuttle crews.

5. Rotorua, New Zealand


Image Source

Rotorua is a city on the southern shores of the lake of the same name, in the Bay of Plenty region of the North Island of New Zealand. Rotorua city is renowned for its unique “rotten eggs” aroma, which is caused by the geothermal activity releasing sulphur compounds into the atmosphere. Geothermal activity is at the heart of much of Rotorua’s tourist appeal. Geysers and bubbling mud-pools, hot thermal springs and the Buried Village (Te Wairoa) – are within easy reach of the city.This thermal activity owes itself to the Rotorua caldera on which the city lies. Waters of ivid colors, from yellow to orange to green which is partially possible to visit it.

6. Fly Geyser, Reno

Socotra Island

Image Source

Fly Ranch features two geysers, one of which is dormant. The other, Fly Geyser, was accidentally formed by a water well drill that hit a geothermal source, and continuously sprays hot water. Fly Ranch is private property and does not allow visitors.

7. Spotted Lake, Osoyoos, British Columbia

Spotted Lake

Image Source: Unknown

Spotted Lake is a saline endorheic alkali lake located northwest of Osoyoos in British Columbia. In the summer, most of the water in the lake evaporates leaving behind all the minerals. Large “spots” on the lake appear and depending on the mineral composition at the time, the spots will be different colors. The spots are made mainly of magnesium sulfate, which crystallizes in the summer. Since in the summer, only the minerals in the lake remain, they harden to form natural “walkways” around and between the spots.

8. The Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle

Image Source

The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil’s Triangle, is a region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean in which a number of aircraft and surface vessels are alleged to have mysteriously disappeared in a manner that cannot be explained by human error, piracy, equipment failure, or natural disasters. Popular culture has attributed these disappearances to the paranormal, a suspension of the laws of physics, or activity by extraterrestrial beings. Apparently it doesn’t seem alien but it is really scary!

9. Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai, Hawaii

Image Source

Kauaʻi is the oldest of the main Hawaiian Islands, it is the fourth largest of the main islands. Seaside lava ledges make for otherworldly experiences on this often-overlooked Hawaiian island.

10. Mount Roraima (Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana)

Mount Roraima

Image Source

Since long before the arrival of European explorers, the mountain has held a special significance for the indigenous people of the region, and it is central to many of their myths and legends It is a pretty remarkable place. It is a tabletop mountain with sheer 400-metre high cliffs on all sides. There is only one ‘easy’ way up, on a natural staircase-like ramp on the Venezuelan side – to get up any other way takes and experienced rock climber. On the top of the mountain it rains almost every day, washing away most of the nutrients for plants to grow and creating a unique landscape on the bare sandstone surface.

Description Source: Wikipedia

The Difference Between Firefox, Opera, Explorer & Safari

Breathtaking Home and Exceptional Views in Byron Bay, Australia

source – Author: Lavinia
Located in Byron Bay, Aystralia, this breathtaking home really caught our attention. The stone walls and wooden elements of the house are impressive design elements, but what can really leave one speechless is the natural environment. The lush vegetation and numerous palm trees make this a dream place to live in. However the developers of this project added extra features in order to grow interest in this property. Two fantastic pool “guard” the place and a fancy lighting system provides a nice atmosphere for late night swimming. The interior is modern, with contemporary furniture items. The Italian kitchen is all-equipped and has stainless steel work surfaces. In spite of all its luxurious features, do you think this residence lacks anything?- via Desire to Inspire

byron2 Breathtaking Home and Exceptional Views in Byron Bay, AustraliaBreathtaking Homebyron bayExceptional Views byron12 Breathtaking Home and Exceptional Views in Byron Bay, Australiabyron11 Breathtaking Home and Exceptional Views in Byron Bay, Australiabyron10 Breathtaking Home and Exceptional Views in Byron Bay, Australiabyron7 Breathtaking Home and Exceptional Views in Byron Bay, Australiabyron6 Breathtaking Home and Exceptional Views in Byron Bay, Australiabyron5 Breathtaking Home and Exceptional Views in Byron Bay, Australiabyron4 Breathtaking Home and Exceptional Views in Byron Bay, Australiabyron15 Breathtaking Home and Exceptional Views in Byron Bay, Australia

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Motorola Milestone with Android 2.1 hitting Bulgaria by March 20th, rest of Europe to follow?

source – By Donald Melanson

We’d had some indication that Europe would be seeing Motorola Milestones running Android 2.1 roughly around this time, and it looks like we are now finally starting to get a few more specifics. According to Mobile Bulgaria, that country’s leading carrier, Vivacom, will begin selling Milestones equipped with Android 2.1 “by March 20th,” which should no doubt be just part of a broader European rollout in the coming days / weeks (that will hopefully extend to Canada as well). Unfortunately, things still aren’t any clearer for Droid users in the US, but you can be sure we’ll be watching every development on that front.

Wacom Cintiq 21UX

source – by Paul Miller

It’s almost too much to take in all at once. Sure, the $1,999 Cintiq 21UX pen display is priced out of reach for most of us mere mortals who “don’t draw good,” but the pure lustworthiness of this unit sure makes us try to forget that inconvenient fact. The expanded movability of Wacom’s latest is commendable, the pen input is naturally great, the screen is beautiful, and even those new rear-mounted touchpads seem helpful. It would take someone much more familiar with professional draw-ist-ing to really speak to the more specific merits of the 21UX, but from a mere standpoint of inspiring irrational desire in our hearts, Wacom seems to have done a pretty good job this time out.

Lenovo: 5-15% off select ThinkPads, 15% off all IdeaPads

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It’s that time of year again and we’ve got a wide array of coupons for Lenovo laptops. 5% off applies to most ThinkPads, while the SL Series get 10% and the last generation X200 Tablet & W700 get a decent 15% off. Every IdeaPad gets 15% off, including all the budget priced netbooks! If desktops are more your speed, the IdeaCentre lineup also gets 15% off.

Being a St. Patrick’s Day Sale, this deal will end on March 17th. Clearly the best deals are on the already discounted last generation ThinkPads: the X200 Tablet and monster workstation W700.

Hit the jump to check out the base configs and starting prices for the sale models!

ThinkPad T Series starting at $873 after 5% coupon

ThinkPad W Series starting at $1519, with 5-15% coupons

  • ThinkPad W510 starting at $1519 after 5% coupon | Read posts about the W510
  • ThinkPad W700 starting at $1699 after 15% coupon

ThinkPad X Series starting at $426, with 5-20% coupons

Click here to browse Lenovo’s St. Patrick’s Day Sale

ThinkPad Edge starting at $550 after 5% coupon

ThinkPad SL Series starting at $449 after 10% coupon

  • ThinkPad SL410 & SL510 starting at $449

Click here to browse Lenovo’s St. Patrick’s Day Sale

IdeaPad S Series netbooks starting at $313 after 15% coupon

  • IdeaPad S10-3 Pine Trail netbook starting at $313 | Read posts about the S10-3
  • IdeaPad S10-3t Pine Trail convertible tablet netbook starting at $466
  • IdeaPad S12 netbook starting at $364 | Read our IdeaPad S12 review
  • IdeaPad S12 netbook with NVIDIA Ion starting at $509 | Read posts about NVIDIA Ion

IdeaPad Y Series starting at $509 after 15% coupon

Click here to browse Lenovo’s St. Patrick’s Day Sale

IdeaPad U Series starting at $568 after 15% coupon

  • IdeaPad U150 starting at $594
  • IdeaPad U350 starting at $594
  • IdeaPad U450p starting at $568
  • IdeaPad U550 starting at $577

Lenovo G Series starting at $458

  • G550 (Core 2 Duo 15.6-inch) starting at $458
  • G450 (Core 2 Duo, 14-inch) starting at $483
  • G560 (Core i3, 15.6-inch) starting at $594
  • G460 (Core i3, 14-inch)  starting at $679
  • G555 (AMD Turion dual core, 15.6-inch) starting at $568
  • G455 (AMD Athlon dual core, 14-inch) starting at $551

iPad available for preorder

source – Author: John Pope

  • WiFi models: 16 GB – 499$, 32 GB – 599$, 64 GB – 699$
  • WiFi + 3G models: 16 GB – 629$, 32 GB – 729$, 64 GB -829$
  • a 99$ fee can be paid for an additional AppleCare protection plan that will extend your warranty for one more year
  • iPad keyboard dock – 69$
  • iPad case – 39$. More iPad cases are available for purchase here
  • iPad dock – 29$
  • Apple Ear-In Headphones with Remote and mic – 79$ (ouch!)
  • iPad 10W USB Power Adapter – 29$
  • iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter – 29$

I’ve been out a few days and the hell broke loose (kidding, of course): as anticipated Apple offers the iPad for preorder, with deliveries scheduled for April 3rd (or 5th for the zones in US when Saturday deliveries are a dream). Because everyone wants it, or so Apple hopes, you’re limited to just two pieces per individual, but if you have a big family you might get over this limitation and make a few bucks on Ebay, right?

Apple kept his word and prices are as announced on January 27th when the official unveiling of the iPad took place, so here they are for you to see in a glance:

But wait, there’s also a bunch of accessories you could purchase to sweeten things (or round the price if you like). I suppose there’s no restriction on the number of accessories you can buy but why would you want more than one per iPad? Here they are for your pleasure:

Oh, and almost forgot: the iPad is only available in US for preorder. Others might want to wait, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing as this interesting PCWorld article says about preordering the first device of its kind and the stupidity in that. What do you think? Are you among the 120.000 who preordered the iPad in the first 24 hours or are you waiting for more than iPad advertising to make a decision?
Preorder now, get it April 3rd

Worl’s Largest Architecture Project Built From Playing Cards

source – Author: Lavinia

American Architect Bryan Berg recently spent 44 days building the largest architecture project made from playing cards. Most of you out there probably enjoyed building small homes from matches or cards, but you probably never thought using more than 10 items to make a lasting “structure”. 218,792 cards (if you do the Math, that means no less than 4,051 decks) were used to create this free standing replica of the Venetian Macau, a luxurious hotel and casino located in China. The “building” was developed in the heart of the hotel and can be seen by anyone who enters the reception area. With this project, Bryan broke his own Guinness World Record Don’t you find the resemblance striking?-via Mail Online

largest architecture projectworld book of recordsBryan Berggiant cards building23l Worlds Largest Architecture Project Built From Playing Cards giant cards building Worlds Largest Architecture Project Built From Playing Cards giant cards building23901 Worlds Largest Architecture Project Built From Playing Cards

Photography by Norman Jean Roy