Day: March 6, 2010

Viliv S10 Blade Tablet Netbook

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Chippy from UMPC Portal has got in an early production sample of the upcoming Viliv S10 Blade convertible tablet netbook which sports a 10.1” 1366 x 768 display with resistive multi-touch. His particular model came with the Atom Z530 (1.66GHz) processor. Underneath reveals a removable li-poly battery supposedly good for up to 10 hours and an access panel for the 1.8” storage device.

The touch screen gets a workout as Chippy tests out 3 point touch, handwriting, virtual key typing and zooming in out and of webpages whilst pointing out the lack of palm rejection. It’s not looking too much different in terms of functionality and speed from my ASUS Eee PC T91MT.

The Viliv S10 Blade will be priced at $699 and should be available to preorder from Dynamism very soon. All the configurations are available to check out. Video below:

Archos 7 cheap tablet previewed during CeBIT 2010

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As promised, Archos has launched at Cebit his so called home tablets, Archos 7 and Archos 8, which distinctive price characteristics that puts them in the affordable range. Of course there ware compromises to be made, so some of you could be disappointed because they perform pretty slow (cheap CPUs), but it all depends on how you balance price and performance in your own value system.

Archos 7 Home Tablet is a 7 inch 800×480 screen tablet, running Android powered by 600MHz ARM9-based Rockchip 2808CPU and 128MB RAM. It is incredibly thin (0.5 inch) and lightweight (0.8 lbs) and, when talking about the connectivity, Archos 7 comes with Wi-Fi and USB connections, thus making it appropriate for web-surfing, watching videos from Youtube or from a flash drive or external HDD. There’s no 3G but you can live without that.

Archos 7 looks like a real tablet: cheap and multimedia oriented

The resistive touch screen responds very well, a light pressure being adequate for the tablet to work properly. In addition, the quite huge keyboard makes typing really easy, so you can use the tablet for taking notes or composing emails very well.

Other features offered by the Archos 7 are the build in stereo speakers offering a good sound quality for this type of gadget, 2 GB flash memory, microSD support, video out connector and the most import is that it has a 7 hours battery life for video playing and 44 hours for listening to music. There’s even an integrated desk stand that comes up from the back and allows you to use the Archos 7 on a table just like a digital photo frame.

After all, we found the quality-price ratio really attractive, considering that the price of Archos 7 Home Tablet is expected to raise to $179 for the 2GB version and around $250 for the 8GB model. Both version should be available in a few months and hopefully we can do a hands on review with them by that time.

Source: Jkkmobile, Crunchgear