Day: March 19, 2010

Google Chrome Adds Support for Multi-Tab Aero Peek

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Google Chrome Adds Support for Multi-Tab Aero PeekChrome: If you’re in love with the Aero peek feature in Windows 7 and wish it could show you all your Chrome tabs at once, you’re in luck. The feature is now active in the Chrome development channel.

Prior to this Chrome, like any other web browser or application in Windows 7, was available in the Aero peek view. You only saw the active tab, however, not all the tabs that you had open. This little tweak—seen in the screenshot above—let’s you see all your open tabs and jump right to them off the Aero peek view.

If you don’t like being an early adopter you’ll have to wait for the Aero peek feature to work its way from the development channel into an official release. Using the development channel build is a great way to get a taste of all the new features ahead of schedule and it isn’t as scary as it sounds. You can download the Dev channel release for your operating system at the link below. Thanks eggnext!

Acer Aspire 1825PT, 1825PTZ Tablet Notebooks

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This has me confused. Word is two new 11.6” Acer Aspire tablet notebook models are due in April, at least in the UK. These models are the 1825PT and 1825PTZ. Both models come with multi-touch capacitive touch screens and Windows 7 Home Premium.

The 1825PTZ has an intel Pentium SU4100 processor, 3GB RAM, 250GB HDD.
The 1825PT has an Intel Core 2 Duo SU7300 processor, 4GB RAM, 250GB HDD.

The only difference I can see compared to the 1820PT and 1820PTZ is that these screens are capacitive instead of resistive. has spotted a few listings in Germany for the 1825P in red and black priced at 599 Euros. Pictures show a stylus though – perhaps just reusing the 1820PT/Z pics.

Source: SaveOnLaptops via Netbook Choice

PVI’s color E-Ink displays for Kindles

source – by Thomas Ricker

You know who makes the E-Ink displays on the Kindle? PVI. The Taiwanese company is also the EPD provider for several other tier-1 eReader device makers including Sony. So take a good look at that color E-Ink prototype display currently sitting in a PVI booth at a Shenzhen tradeshow ’cause that’s what you’ll see packed in color eReaders near the end of the year and into 2011. PVI is showing off both 6- and 9.7-inch color prototypes set to hit the manufacturing lines in Q4 (and sampling now), just right for the Kindle 2 and Kindle DX should Amazon choose to keep things simple and just swap out the display (and a minimum of componentry) within its existing device lineup. It’s worth noting that the extra layer of color filtering glass will impact battery life a bit, but certainly not enough to lose its edge on LCDs. And while PVI was demonstrating a color animation running on its new displays, they can’t do video worth a damn due to the slow frame refresh. And don’t expect to see the color EPDs sporting a contrast or color vibrancy anywhere close to what you’ll get from a traditional LCD either. Regardless, people seem smitten by the USA Today’s use of color so we’re sure these color E-Ink displays will find their niche as well.

HP Slate €400 with Atom comes in June

source – by Vladislav Savov

Reputable Spanish publication Clipset has the first concrete report on pricing and internal specs for HP’s Slate. Seemingly obtained from HP itself, the €400 ($546) price tag positions the Slate a notch above netbooks and bodes well for the expectation that it’ll undercut the iPad’s entry level pricing. Straight currency conversations are inadvisable in such situations, so we’ll just have to wait until official stickers for the iPad in Europe are known or HP announces US prices for the Slate. Further info includes an Atom CPU, Flash support, USB connectivity, a memory card reader, and a back-mounted webcam (see it after the break). The launch of this Windows 7 device is slated for June, while retail availability in Europe is said to be expected at some point “before September.” It’s not clear what all that means for the US, but we doubt HP will be making its home turf wait longer than the rest of the world. Rest assured, we’ll be reaching out to HP HQ before they’ve had their first cup of green tea to find out.

Nexus One reserved trademark NOT by Google

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So in 2008, a company called Integra Communications filed for a “Nexus” trademark having something to do with voice and data telecommunications. Along comes Google a year later and files for “Nexus One.” Trademark office says no go. I’m not really surprised at this; it’s not really their job to determine which is the better or more popular product, but rather whether it is possible for the two trademarks to be mistaken for one another. Oh god! Will you have to scribble out the name of your phone now and write something else?Quantcast

Entourage eDGe tested by CNET

source – by John Pope

Entourage eDGe: the first of its kind

We’ve wrote quite a few posts about the Entourage eDGe dual screen eReader + Android tablet combo. It seems that more and more samples are getting to pressfor review. Now it’s time for CNET to get their hands on video treatment on the Entourage eDGe.

After watching that video I can positively say that the eDGe is a nice concept, especially for educational purposes, there’s a lot to be improved here, but that’s always the case with the first generation of innovative new products. The eDGe sells for 499$ in 5 color versions, so plenty of choice here for consumers, has 4 GB of built-in memory, just like the Kindle, but is way more heavy, around 3 lbs (5-6 time heavier) thus handling it is not that easy after prolonged periods of holding in hand.

CNET really liked the massive 9.7 inch eInk screen with annotations capabilities, making it ideal for memorizing your ideas while reading an eBook, then print them on paper or share them with your friends. A special journal mode allows taking notes, like you on a blank sheet of paper.

The eReader part of the Entourage eDGe works with PDF files and other formats but not the one used in Kindle. You can copy your own ebooks from an USB flash disk or buy them online from the included shop, or get free Google eBooks (also included in the installed ‘library’). About the Android screen on the right we’ve found out it’s a stripped out version which features things like eMail, Browser, Office suite and eBook store plus some default installed apps without any option to install others from the Android Market. There’s even the option to get it work like a word processor by attaching a keyboard and folding down the eInk screen like a support base for the tablet.

Cube Chair by Svilen Gamolov

source – Author: Michael

Although still at the concept stage the “Cube Chair” by Svilen Gamolov provides an interesting example of modern design. The chair, which combines futurist design elements of the 1950’s with modern sensibility, is designed to envelope the user, creating a comfortable and stylized space. I hope to see more creative pieces of modern furniture like these, and I can’t wait to see the Gamolov’s ‘Cube Chair’ fully realized.

Visit the designer’s website

cube chair gamolov5 Cube Chair by Svilen Gamolovcube chair gamolov6 Cube Chair by Svilen Gamolov cube chair gamolov4 Cube Chair by Svilen Gamolovcube chair gamolov3 Cube Chair by Svilen Gamolovcube chair gamolov2 Cube Chair by Svilen Gamolovcube chair gamolov Cube Chair by Svilen Gamolov

Fjaril Drawer System by Jakob Jørgensen

source – Author: Michael

From time to time as you might have noticed we like to post some things that are a little bit unusual. For example today I would like to present  Fjaril, a drawer system designed by Danish designer Jakob Jørgensen. Fjaril is one of his many projects which distinguishes itself with its beautiful sculptural nature and fine craftsmanship. As Jakob describes it, it goes from being a simple box into a functional sculpture. This drawer system expands rhythmically and go in this movement from being a simple box to be a functional sculpture.

Fjarill4 Fjaril Drawer System by Jakob JørgensenFjarill3 Fjaril Drawer System by Jakob JørgensenFjarill2 Fjaril Drawer System by Jakob JørgensenFjarill Fjaril Drawer System by Jakob JørgensenFjarill5 Fjaril Drawer System by Jakob Jørgensen