Day: March 16, 2010

AUO’s 65-inch 3D HDTV panel headed for the conveyer belt in 2H 2010, boasts polarized specs — Engadget

source – by Sean Hollister

While it might have been a pipe dream back in ’09, Taiwanese display manufacturer AU Optronics is firmly committed to blasting our eyeballs in 2010, with a monstrous 65-inch HD LCD panel ready for all the 3D and pseudo-3D content (we’re looking at you, G-Force) you have on offer. AUO isn’t hedging its bets on this one, either; at FPD China 2010, the company announced that they’re using a polarized solution with cheap, $2 to 3 glasses to generate the 3D effect. Sure, polarized is the preferred method for most theatres, but it’s often more expensive than active shutter tech for an in-home user — and can come with some serious visual tradeoffs like permanent ghosting or halved vertical resolution. We won’t know for sure until we get hands-on, but either way, expect to see AUO’s panels in a branded 3D HDTV near you early next year, or just a few months before HDI drops a 103-inch monster of its own.

HTC HD2 will not be upgraded to Windows Phone 7 series

source – by Nilay Patel

Bad news, HTC HD2 owners: Microsoft has finally come right out and confirmed our suspicions that the mighty HTC HD2 won’t be upgraded to Windows Phone 7 Series. Joe Belfiore just told us that the HD2 is “not compliant with the Windows Phone 7 Series hardware specifications,” which should end any of the lingering doubt that’s clouded this issue since MWC. That certainly puts a damper on the HD2’s upcoming launch on T-Mobile, but hey — every Microsoft employee here at MIX is carrying one, so it’s clearly the WinMo handset to get until it’s eclipsed by 7 late in the year. Pour one out for the king, friends.

Apple iPad Funny Pictures

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Apple iPad, the device which looks like a larger version of Apple’s iPod Touch will be available in April 2010.Apple iPad Funny Pictures

Macquarie Building

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Architecture. The new Macquarie Building, One Shelley Street, designed by Fitzpartick + Partners and Clive Wilkinson Architects.

Architecture Macquarie Building One Shelley Street (17)

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Stanford’s earthquake detection software uses your accelerometer enabled device to predict earthquakes

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Stanford’s Quake-Catcher Network has been up and running since early 2008, but it looks like it’s just now starting to reach the critical mass of users that’s essential for its success. As you may be aware, the software takes advantage of the accelerometers built into many new laptops to watch for any signs of shaking or vibration, which it then compares with data from other laptops in the same area — if they’re all shaking at the same time, that’s a pretty good indication there’s an earthquake happening. Until recently, however, there hasn’t been enough users in any particular area to produce reliable data, but Stanford now counts more than 450 users in California alone, which has provided it with its first truly viable testbed. Of course, more users would be even better, and you can sign up and download the software at the link below if you’re interested in helping out.

Fujitsu MH380 in Pretty Pink with Hearts On Top

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Fujitsu Japan has taken their new Pinetrail MH380 netbook in red, and instead of making more palatable black or white models available, they’ve gone in the other direction and made a pink model available.. with hearts! Way to gross me out. Well that’s what you get when you let a fashion model design your netbook.

Specs don’t differ from the standard model: An Atom N450 processor, GMA 3150 graphics, 1GB RAM, 250B HDD, 10.1” 1366 x 768 display, Bluetooth, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi and Windows 7 Starter. Usual array of ports. As this is Japan, all MH380 (Loox M) models come with WiMAX.

See the pink Fujitsu MH380 product page.

Source: PC Watch